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Puddy Cuts is a full service dog grooming & boarding studio dedicated to quality at a fair price. We offer personalized attention for the pet you love through a low-stress home atmosphere, pre-groom consultation, and a custom groom to fit you and your pet's needs.

Rates start at only $61 (+tax) for small dog full groom...

Each grooming includes:

  • Soaking bath
  • Anal expression
  • Thorough blow dry
  • Hand brushing
  • Nails clipped and ground
  • Ears plucked and cleaned
  • Pads cleaned
  • And a custom haircut to YOUR specifications.

Questions? Call, text or email us!            

(832) 654-7475



Visit our website to schedule an appointment online

Bring us your puddies! You'll be glad you did...

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