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Boarding your Puddy

There comes a time when you need to leave the city, the trusted neighbor is not available to cover, and you don't want to leave your beloved pet just anywhere. So, to the boarders, but which one?

I've been in your situation before, and I remember the good outcomes as well as the bad. First, my puddy needs to be able to get outside a few times a day and not stuck in the cage or kennel 24/7. He needs human interaction, but he also needs a good place to rest and zone out as 90% of a dog's life is spent sleeping. Lastly, I do not want my friend coming home with more "friends" than I dropped him off with (I'm referring to fleas!).

As for the first point, your pet will be taken out at least four times a day (it's usually five times) for bathroom, fun run and exploring as well as interaction with humans (if your pet is pet-friendly, he can interact with other dogs too!). I have a large fenced in backyard with lots of grass, shade and area for play. While I am busy grooming other dogs, your pet will have to be secured in his kennel for his own safety (as mine are).

Finally, your pet will be heavily inspected for fleas and ticks and any other communicable disease as safety and good hygiene for all is priority. If your pet has fleas and/or ticks, he will be bathed in flea shampoo, and you will be charged the going rate of a bath. It's not a punishment, it's safety and hygiene first. Any other problem will be treated as the case deems necessary... Also, your dog must be up-to-date with his/her vaccinations, specifically required are rabies and "kennel cough" (bordetella).

The rate for small and medium dogs is $22 per day (+tax).

You should bring your own pet's food (dishes not necessary) and pillow to allow for a more comfortable setting in your absence. If your dog is a chewer, make sure to include rawhides/chews to make his/her stay more at ease...

Rest assured your pet will be well-cared for while you are out and about. We'll look out for him like you do every day!

Large spacious backyard for fun and exploring...

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